God forbid I get stuck on an island with book characters

It’s time for another Broke and Bookish escapade. This week: the top ten characters you would bring with you on a desert island. As soon as it came time to write this post, I immediately forgot everything I had ever read and had to look to my bookshelf to remember the best. So this list is perhaps a little swayed by the books I managed to keep around.

1.Iorek Byrnison (His Dark Materials)

Iorek the armoured bear is made for war.  I know it was specified that this island was deserted,
but we don’t know how long this will last. He’s also super handy with metal work, lifting heavy things, fencing, seal disembowelment, and philosophical discussions on the purpose of life.

2.Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

I know we already have a hunter on the list, but Iorek is also prone to spats of solitary journeys. We might just starve if he wants some ‘space’. So we obviously need a backup. Also she is a forager.  And I just have this feeling that I will feel like some vegetables to go with my seal.

3.Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

hermiooneHermione with her magical wand of Vinewood and Dragon heartstring can multiply all the food the Iorek catches or Katniss forages. Other uses of magical wand – practically limitless. Can create fire, animate driftwood to tap dance, turn random stones into puppies that I could play with. Also it would be safe to assume she would be carrying a small library with her, even during our wreckage. So there’s another problem sorted.

4. Cap’n Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

I realise that he isn’t literature based…But he’s coming. With his natural affinity for rum, surely he could rustle me up a glass of red from somewhere? Also, with his so-crazy-it-just-might-work attitude we will always have a purpose – be it an escape plan, or saving him from his last escape plan. There will never be a dull moment.

5. Jace Herondale (The Mortal Instruments)

I’ve been told he’s rather pretty. So very necessary for such isolation.  Besides – you don’t see jaceClary on this island list do you! That is if I didn’t bring too much competition with me…

6. Will Herondale (Infernal Devices)

Just in case Jace ends up going for those other femme fatales that I brought….oops. Truth be told, he’s the slightly better Herondale. It’s just. I have this feeling, with him being all 18th century or whatever – that he wouldn’t have much of an idea how to send me a text. It’s a bit of a bridge. He might freak out at my language choices, my preference for jeans and boots, or how often I exclaim “Oh my god!” Then again. We are on a desert island…. What choice will he have?

6. Marillion (Game of Thrones) – some spoilers

He fills so many holes in any successful community, artistic genius, entertainment, campfire bard. Also. Super funny. We are going to need some fun times to get us through the days. In the books he is not so funny. He is Lysa Arryn’s little bitch dog and a bit rapey.  He gets his eyes and fingers plucked right off by order of Little Finger until he ‘confesses’ to her murder. So the TV show version please.

7. Gandalf

I think it’s in the ‘Stranded on a Desert Island for Dummies’ that you must have a 1000 year old story teller. One doesn’t live that long without collecting a few stories.  We definitely need someone old and wise to keep the rest of the looney tunes (myself included) in some kind of moral order.

9. Robbie Turner (Atonement)james mcavoy

Besides the fact that I also happen to be in love with this one as well (the third one on the list) I feel like when the puppies grow up I’ll need more assistance with boredom. Enter Robbie Turner. He has studied a literature degree already so we can talk book. He is planning on becoming a doctor so we know he is smart. He is also a bona-fide groundskeeper so he is plant savvy. Does this man not ooze necessity? Still not convinced? How about you stare at this gif for the next hour until you are.

And lastly

10. Any Melina Marchetta protagonist

So I’m never the most useless person on the island.


Images sourced: Tumblr


16 thoughts on “God forbid I get stuck on an island with book characters

    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      Haha they would just not be the kind of people at all relevant or capable of survival. I know exactly what you mean about wild card. We may just end up being another bunch of his enemies. But it will be fun while it lasts. =)


  1. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Your list is great for two reasons: 1. You have ensured that you are NOT the weakest link on the island- huge win. Also, multiple love interests is very smart. I only have one love interest on mine, and I am starting to regret my decision. I guess one of the other survivors could do in a pinch though 😉


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      I know! No one else seems to have picked up on the downside of having an island of winners! I really have no survival talents. I mean first day without a phone and internet connection and I get shaky.


  2. fiza

    LOL, why it’s not so bad being stuck on the island with these characters 😀
    I see you got Jace and Gandalf, very wise picks 😉


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