Am I suddenly an idiot?

The last three days I have experienced an unsettling realisation that I’m actually an idiot.   Every now and then we (as individuals of the human race) do something stupid. We commit it, hide it, forget it. This time, my idiocy quota needed to be filled before the end of the month – in quick succession.


You know the song ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast? I was listening to some acoustic version of this (not as tumblr_n741b5Mkn01swxih3o1_500good) and I realised something about the lyric: “shake it like a Polaroid picture”. It hit me like a third tequila shot. You shake Polaroid pictures to develop them. Oh my god. It only took a terrible choice of acoustic cover and 11 years to realise. What else have I been singing mindlessly! In my defence – I have never seen the film clip where they apparently shake Polaroid pictures.

Refrigeration Mishaps

I drank off milk in my coffee.  I drank the entire cup. Felt a little ill. THEN. Looked at the date of the milk. I’m ashamed to say I just put the milk back in the fridge because the rubbish bin was full. We’ve all been there. And I don’t live with my mum so I have no one to make sure I keep on top of that stuff. Sometimes I have ice cream for dinner and no one tells me off.


I pride myself on being pretty word savvy. I’m no Oxford dictionary but I can manipulate myself scrabblethrough a conversation well.  So please would someone explain to me why I have never won a game of Scrabble?  For the past week or so I have battled my boyfriend (one who never reads) through a game, at least once a night. There is only so many times I can claim a hand of vowels – or three ‘q’s and not a ‘u’ in sight. Simply put – he is just better than me. I am Castle so hard in this gif.

images sourced: Tumblr

4 thoughts on “Am I suddenly an idiot?

  1. Sierra

    Love to read validations, huh? Well, here’s one for you: I am also quite idiotic. I read an ARC earlier in the month that used the the term “free rein.” Certain it was a typo, I highlighted the phrase and prepared myself to regale the author with my collegiate understanding of the term actually being “free reign.”

    In a desperate attempt to make sure I didn’t make an ass of myself, I Googled it first. Lo and behold, I was wrong, indeed. It’s not “free reign,” even though “free reign” makes all the sense in the world to me. It really is “free rein,” which I understand, but I still hate it.

    I’ve been editing for years and this is my undoing? A stupid turn of phrase? Yeah.



    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      Not going to lie – you had me furiously googling this ‘rein’ vs that ‘reign’. Frankly they both make sense. You would be totally forgiven in my books. However – thank you for validating my humanness.


  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    If it helps, when the song came out, Polaroid made a bunch of media statements telling consumers to NEVER shake their Polaroid pictures, that it does not help develop, but in fact can destroy the image. So see, you knew all along that it was a bad idea 😉

    I do stuff like this pretty much every day. No worries, I think it’s normal (or at least, that’s what I am going to tell myself!)


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      Aha! Not only have you validated my thoughts you have disagreed with my stupidity. I think. You might be my new favourite person, random internet stranger.



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