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‘Transfixion’ by J. Giambrone

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

You know what is so great? A year ago I didn’t have a blog. I went about my nightly life, doin as I do, not realising that in squiggly lines above my head lived the internet machine that people just like myself lived. I operated under the delusion that people didn’t get things for free. No really. They (internet folk) send you books for free. Books. For Free. So anyway here’s to my first ARC.

Author: J. Giambrone23114375

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Release Date: 09.09.14


Pages: 318

Source: ARC from J. Giambrone

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Transfixion is not the kind of book you want to have a glass of red and sit on the couch with. Transfixion is the kind of book that could replace pre-workout. Honestly I feel like I could run a million kilometres if slightly tempted. I definitely couldn’t, but hey, I’m a writer – we all know I’m all words. I sat down to read Transfixion a week ago, all fresh faced and full of wonder, thinking I could squeeze in a quick chapter or two before some sort of banal bodily requirement (sleep) became necessary.  I had to stop. This isn’t the kind of book that you read in one or two sittings. This is the kind of book you will want to set a day aside for.

I haven’t read anything quite like Transfixion before. Author, J. Giambrone has created the most action packed YA that I’ve ever come across. Seriously, there is no down time, no stopping for toilet breaks, no time to do the dishes, no time to answer the door. Seriously Neighbour, now is not the time to ask about my wi-fi.  I read the first chapter slightly rattled. There was so blown inmuch going on and the second chapter didn’t slow! It mercilessly and militantly demanded that I hurry up or be left behind. It was mostly fear of a self-made militarily book personification that kept me reading.

But let me tell you about the actual book. Kaylee Colton, our protagonist is a messed up little lass. I’m not entirely sure how normal she was before shit got real, because there really wasn’t enough of that to tell. The premise of the story is that a signal is broadcast through the Televisions of the not-too-distant future and sends the receiver into a mindless, slaughter-rage. Which in Kaylee’s life is everyone she knows, and semi-loves. It takes her a chapter to go mute.

Kaylee is a greatly flawed hero, a refreshing take on someone who can keep their wits about them, but is totally okay with being afraid and showing it. Honestly one of the only protagonists who has ever urinated. Ever. Seriously book characters just don’t experience bodily functions like the rest of us. Well. Now they do. Selective mutism doesn’t stop Kaylee from bitchin out janitors turned war chiefs, possible violent psychopaths trying to steal her stolen bike, and just about everyone in between. A lady after my own heart.

The mystery throughout the whole book, if you even remember to wonder what started the shit storm in the first place, is who sent the TV signal? Yeah you never find out. So get over that now, while you have the chance. Giambrone has written, in my fixopinion, a dramatic prediction of the American future. Already on the news we see the TV being blamed for the sudden desire for violence in the streets. There is an ongoing argument of gun ownership as a basic human right. (KNOWLEDGE BOMB: guns are offensive not defensive weapons). It makes you think: it’s just a matter of time before somebody rocks the boat.

So I’ll be staying inside until such a time. Somebody take a picture of the sun and send me some Vitamin D in tablet form. Chocolate coating optional basic human right.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆