Guys. I’m Lovely.

Often times I find myself struggling to write about anything that isn’t books. I habitually foray into work and alcohol and adventures to and from the supermarket. My life is gripping let me tell you. So I appreciate those people who force me to step outside the riveting world of books. Here’s to Anastasia from Read & Survive for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, you’re a doll. I may even put this achievement on my resume.

The Rules

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (done)one-love-blog-award-two1 (1)
  2. You must list the rules and display the award. (done, with some additions)
  3. You must add 7 facts about yourself. (creativity doesn’t dabble in ‘facts’)
  4. You must nominate 5-15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated. (So maybe we should rename it 5-15 Lovely Blog Awards)
  5. You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you. (I can’t imagine you’re not already following.)

Okay but for serious now. 7 facts about myself:

  1. I want to break anything fragile that is put in my lovely blog award
  2. I come from a country town and the thing I’m most embarrassed of is how far we are behind in advertising (TV, Radio, Websites, store signs). Think: starbursts with prices, “Come see our friendly staff”, a fucking hideous yellow that makes me homicidal. Seriously. Hipster isn’t even a thing there. Cheesecake isn’t a thing there. I moved far far away 4 days after I turned 18.
  3. I named by dog after Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.
  4. In the real world I’m an events co-ordinator, and I have a strong hatred of cupcakes. You think they will be less messy, but they aren’t! Shit everywhere! Just get a fucking cake already.
  5. I love the smell of new leather, burning metal, and hot rain. I think this means I should have been a cowboy
  6. Yesterday I didn’t have any crackers so I had blue cheese on top of regular cheese. Cheese is so versatile!
  7. I spent about ten minutes trying to make the award look less pink. Seriously why does it have to be so pink?one-love-blog-award-two1 (2)

I nominate:

Becky from My infernal Imagination

Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts (sorry to girly up your blog bro)

Emily from The Loony Teen Writer

Leah from The Perks of Being a Bookworm

Vanda from The Reckless Romantic

I wonder if anyone has tried to trace blogger awards back to the original beginnings where they don’t include the original link. Sounds like a job for… PROCRASTINATION MAN! I was nominated by Anastasia who was nominated by Reckless Indulgence who was nominated by Friendly Book Worm who was nominated by Books for Fun who was nominated by Romance Novels for the Beach (where I found the missing tree logo) who was nominated by Cici’s Rant (great name) who was nominated by emmakwall (explains it all) [those brackets aren’t mine btw] who was nominated by Horrorville who was nominated by Books, Movies, Poetry who was nominated by The Open Window who was nominated by Lost & Found who was nominated by The Hopeful Wayfarer aaand then I gave up. Sometimes procrastinating takes more work than the actual work you are avoiding. Feel free to continue my link-a-thon for the original.


9 thoughts on “Guys. I’m Lovely.

  1. Bec Graham

    Congrats! That is so cool! 😀
    I’ve always wondered where these awards come from, but I honestly don’t think I have the patience. Or that there’s enough coffee in the world to keep me interested.
    And…no cheesecake? That’s pretty much one of my worst nightmares.
    Also, I’m a cupcake junkie. I love those things. Have you seen the Cupcake Parlour in West End? They’re like little works of art!
    (I always feel like cupcakes are less bad for you because they’re small. Dangerous thinking, I know!)


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      I know what you mean with the smallness thing, but with cake your obliged to have “just a small one” because you don’t want to look like your starving at home, and all your friends just eat small pieces. It irritates me. I don’t understand these people. Did you have an entree of air and shadows?!
      Was your main (big drink of water) to filling for you! Give me a Human sized piece dammit! I actually live within walking distance of said cupcake parlour.=)


      1. Bec Graham

        OMG it is lucky that you hate cupcakes then. If that were me, I’d be so fat! I love cupcakes too much. It’s probably reached addiction status.
        (OK so I read that “human-sized piece” bit in Joey Tribbiani’s voice…kinda weird).
        The only way to eat cake is to go all out! If you’re going to eat the calories, at least make it worth it. You should have seen the pieces I cut for people’s birthdays. It’s kind of ridiculous.
        Screw social pressure, eat the whole damn cake! Like that dude from Matilda 🙂 (except without the creepy principal)


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