Lesson of the week: Never underestimate procrastination

I’ve always been under the belief that I have spent a solid month in near constant procrastination. When I first started this blog I was in the process of job hunting. A few interviews a week, my only creative writing outlet were cover letters and my only human contact were those of prospective employers. So I started blogging. Nearly every day all day. Happily going about my day thinking that the only useful thing I was doing was making myself happier and letting the dust settle on my couch. Wrong.

Unbeknownst to me I was learning and improving skills to further my career. Eugh. Thank god I didn’t realise at the time or I may have never done it.

A bit of background about my work. I work for a small company and we recently changed over marketing companies. I liaise with the media, with marketing, advertising, customers. All that sort of stuff. The new marketing company said to me, “Hey Amy, we don’t really know a lot about your website program. It’s in a weird program that we may have to quickly learn. Something called WordPress.” No I didn’t click. I thought to myself – hmmm that sounds familiar, I think I’ll just say some non-committal sounds that makes it seem as though I know what he is talking about.

“Ah I see (no I don’t)”.

Enter a particularly stressful week of customers complaining about the company offering things on the website that were no longer on the tills. Offers that no longer existed. New Years Eve was still being advertised for goodness sakes. My boss is panicking due to the complaints, I’m panicking because I meant to be in charge of this being removed. The new marketing company are panicking because they can’t figure out how to change anything. Panic Panic Panic. Grey hairs for everyone.

Then I saw ‘Wordpress’ written down in an email. Now for everyone who isn’t a fellow blogger – well i want to dieWordPress is the online program a lot of bloggers use to run their blogs. In fact – I use it to run the very page you are reading right now. I spent a week or so when I first started blogging, mastering the very site my company uses for their webpage.  The one that no one could figure out how to change because the program was so very foreign. Oh except me. We are still advertising NYE and I knew all along how to change everything.

I don’t know if I should be proud that my month off wasn’t a complete waste of time – or embarrassed that it took me a week to realise where I had heard the word ‘Wordpress’ before. Maye I’m due for another month off. I am clearly losing my mind.

Moral of the story – maybe you aren’t procrastinating. Maybe you are learning a new skill that will be useful in the near future.



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