Characters Behind the Wheel

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. The day I get all of my traffic. Thanks Broke and the Bookish for pushing all of your internet friends my way. Anyway, this week’s attraction is the top ten books for readers who like character driven novels.

I don’t even know how to go about this question, I’m not even sure I entirely understand it. Characters who are more than two dimensional? Characters that are relatable and likeable? Characters that have a driving license? Characters who drive you to insanity? Enough with the driving references Amy, it’s clearly not that. So to sum it up for the voices (yes plural) in my head – let’s go with a theme more along the lines of: characters that outweigh the rest of the books benefits.

  1. Game of Thrones

Oh don’t give me that, you knew this one was going to be number one.  There are so many characters in this novel that it practically doesn’t have room for plot. The chapters are literally named after the characters. Every time Tyrion’s chapter comes along I breathe a sigh of happiness.  Which sounds exactly like my sigh of annoyance when Bran’s chapter comes along. Seriously (SPOILER) is he learning to become a tree? You can imagine how great this isn’t.

  1. Gone with the Wind

Full of the most flawed but unfortunately realistic characters. It amazes me that Scarlet O’Hara is scarletconsidered a heroine. She’s a really terrible person, and if I were her friend I would pretty much use her for her second-part-of-the-book wealth because she has nothing else going for her. But where was I going? Oh yes…She’s quite a character.

  1. The Slap

Man. I don’t want to talk about this book. I didn’t enjoy reading it. But if you like character driven books you’ll probs enjoy it. Many characters. Some good. Most bad. All human.

  1. A Picture of Dorian Gray

Do you like how great I am at coming up with an excellent selection? I’m actually running out of ideas and I’m only at number four. Somebody help me. I hate characters, I live for plot and magical creatures. But Dorian Gray is a real D-bag, and so full of himself. Reminds me of 50% of the people I know. #selfiewhore… or perhaps a #portraitwhore would be more accurate.

  1. Graceling (Also Fire and Bitterblue)

There is more to these characters than their special abilities. While the plotlines are epic and the monsters are glorious, I definitely read them for kick ass characters. Or more to the point, a likeable female character that kills people sometimes. Our girls are relatable, or at least what I would aspire to be. If I was allowed to murder people. Mum says no.

  1. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

I am puffed from all the typing that title took. Good thing I don’t have ‘Don’t tell my mother I work on the rigs, she thinks I’m a piano player in a whore house’ on this list. No one has more of a personality than a kid with Asperger’s. I once spoke to a lady who told me her child took everything literally. “Hop out of the bath”, “dig in to your dinner”, etc. Do you know how often that comes up in a life?

  1. I am really sick and on some medication that is making this list writing business the opposite of easy.
  2. I just re-read point six and realised I didn’t talk about the book at all.
  3. I’m going to avoid reading the rest of my work so I don’t feel bad about my writing ability.
  4. Ignorance is the key to confidence. Copyright bitches. No not really, you can bang that mofo on a T-shirt if you want to.

Can someone just comment the rest of the books so I don’t feel bad for not thinking of another Five? The light is hurting my eyes and this keyboard sounds like me when I walk down a wooden floor board with heels and the left one has been worn down so much that the metal is sticking out and it sounds like the fucking cogs in the gates of hell. TAP TAP TAP, JEEZ!


15 thoughts on “Characters Behind the Wheel

  1. Bec Graham

    Oh Amy, you forgot a big one. The Infernal Devices! And there’s three for your list right there! Even though there’s all that stuff about Mortmain and Nathaniel and Jessamine, at its heart that series is about a bunch of Victorian misfits just trying to feel loved (Henry and Charlotte anyone?) Really want to read Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde seems like an entertaining man. 🙂


      1. Bec Graham

        I think because Cassie really knows her characters and so we get the sense that the characters, rather than the plot, are driving the story. Like in Hunger Games, the plot really drives the story, you know?


  2. By Hook Or By Book ~ Book Reviews, News, & Other Stuff

    I’m sorry you were feeling so horrible when you posted this Amy. It’s really funny though 🙂 I hope you’re feeling better. This is a tough one. When I think of an author who writes character driven stories Stephen King always pops into my head. No matter what action is taking place, it’s his characters reactions that take center stage.


  3. Akilah

    I couldn’t make it through Game of Thrones, but I agree that the characters and character work are awesome.

    And I see you have the picture from Perks of Being a Wallflower, but didn’t put it on your list, so you can make that #7.

    This post was hilarious, btw. Great stuff.


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