You can’t sit with us!

After a few Tuesdays of nothing new to say the theme of – Top Ten Book Characters I would want at my lunch table (school version) at Broke and the Bookish. There are a great many book heroes and heroines that I admire and certainly think that we should make great friends, but it just doesn’t work out that way. We all know Katniss and Hermione, while both excellent non bitches, would not get along. Katniss would be continually irked by Hermione’s need to learn and impress her vast knowledge on everyone. Hermione would be pissed that Katniss is leading on Gale because he is a lovely boy. While of course respecting each other, they just would not have a lot to chat about over your regular Sunday brunch, or as the theme would have it – school lunch table.

  1. Dean Thomas – Harry Potter Series

Dean is one character who has such a rich backstory but we never really get to hear much about it in Harry Potter, because the books were already too big. He’s a child who was abandoned by his (probably wizard) father, grew up in a muggle deanhousehold thinking he was a muggle, just like Harry.  

Down in the stands, Dean Thomas was yelling, ‘Send him off. Ref! Red card!

“This isn’t football, Dean, “ Ron reminded him. ‘You can’t send people off in Quidditch – and what’s a red card?’

But Hagrid was on Dean’s side. And so was Amy. Because Dean is awesome. Ginny was lucky to have him.

 2 + 3. Merry and Pippin – Lord of the Rings Trilogy

“But what about second breakfast?” is a common saying in my household/theme to my life. Not to mention all the stolen produce they would have on them at all times. No lunch? No problem. Have a mushroom we liberated from Farmer Maggots ground stock. 

4. Finnick Odair – Hunger Games Triolgy

“Poor Finnick. Is this the first time in your life you haven’t looked pretty?” I say.

“It must be. The sensation’s completely new. How have you managed it all these years?” he asks.

nuff said.

5.Mason – The Vampire Academy Series (well the first two anyhow)

secret handshakeHe is a hero in the series, there is no question about it. But he’s also a jolly idiot, and therefore not equipped to be a protagonist. You are very welcome to be a bad ass Vampire Hunter with a bravado complex, I know that will just translate to: one-of-those-kids-who-rips-his-sandwiches-in-twain-because-he-couldn’t-find-a-knife-kind-of-awkward-adorableness.

6.Sydney Sage – Bloodlines/Vampire Academy Series

Ah the first protagonist at my table – and it’s only because she could so easily fall into the background as a pleasant second character. I can just picture her shoving her alchemist beliefs onto me over a peanut butter sandwich that I would be eating because she objects to carbs. But she is just a bag of knowledge if you want it – but unlike Hermione – doesn’t feel the need to prove her cleverness.

7.Holden Caulfield – The Catcher in the Rye

I know this kid has a high potential to lose his fucking nut, but he’s a teenager. I’m sure he will grow out of it. There are second breakfasts to eat.

8.Jo March – Little Women

Because I honestly feel like she would get along with everyone at the table. And you know what we don’t want at lunch time?tumblr_myhsypI5qT1qe417oo5_250 ANARCHY! I’m sure she will bring her own drama to the table (yeah – because were at a table) with her quick to anger temperament. But she has the sort of patience to deal with someone like number ten. So let’s keep her around anyhow.

9. Blackie – Deadly Unna?

He is a linguist trapped in a child from a white trash family.  Anyone who can survive those kinds of odds and still have a bit of culture, is a hero of mine.

10.Miss Havisham – Great Expectations

To not be the worst at the table, I shall also bring the psychotic, obsessive, vengeful Miss Havisham – whom I would just like to point out, come across as old, but is most likely a very young lady – who can still fit into her wedding dress. No one could be sad in this crowd for very long.


Don’t forget to link up your lists so I can remember all the better characters I have forgotten.


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