‘Spirit Bound’ by Richelle Mead

225px-SpiritBound_Novel★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have been on a week long hiatus from blogging. A side note: how terrible is having a full time job to your writing career/hobby? I started having creative writing withdrawals. My reports for said job started getting a little too creative. In a request for more cake knives for my events, I literally used the phrase “I have been borrowing the kitchen knives for the functions and they look unreasonably lethal for a simple mud cake massacre.” Though I am fairly sure no one actually reads my reports.  Luckily creativity doesn’t disparage the wee hours.

As a result I took a while to do my review for Spirit Bound. I may have even forgotten what happens… Life got in the way of me starting the next book. Mid series. Mid-obsessive-fan-girling-series, I, Amy Wallin, stopped to attend work, build Ikea couches and squat some kettlebells. I sound like a grownup right? Don’t worry, I still don’t reverse park.

 Spirit Bound, just like ‘Silver Shadows’ there was a chapter, or a million….on Rose being imprisoned. Not half as interesting as Sydney’s. I wonder if Mead has just discovered a formula of success which requires the 5th book to have some form of imprisonment and then a dramatic romantic escape. I must say, Mead is a bit of a genius for introducing the shadow kissed connection that allows Lissa to show her point of view. I know she misses it when she has to write Sydney. Vampire Academy has such a smooth presence across the characters.

It occurred to me while reading Spirit Bound that Richelle may have not been making grammatical errors whilst typing dhampir. Has anyone else ever noticed dhampir is always in lower case, unless of course it starts a sentence, while Moroi is always capitalised. Ah. Clever. Mead cunningly using grammar to emphasise the discrimination between the two races. Dhampirs are so naturally second-rate that they don’t even deserve the capitalisation of a proper noun! It is madness.

But focus Amy. Much sporadic. Such crazy. Many madness. Spirit Bound also delivered an excellent psychopath in literature. Dimitri was honestly a bit of a bore when he was human. Or half human. Then he became a Strigoi and got awesome. My favourite line was probably his creepy, cute, funny (was the funny just me?) note:

 “You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead. Looks like we’ll have to go over the lesson again the next time I see you-which will be soon.

Love, D”

Ha. So cute. ‘Love D’. When did you get so funny Dimitri? So cool? Clearly when immortality removed your stick-it-up-your-ass honour. Honourable people might make excellent friends, but dull, two dimensional travel companions. Anyway. One review (if you could even call it that) out of the way.

Side note: I wrote the note on my hand to remind myself to write this review. Then I took a strategic nap. Then I tried to read a backwards reminder off my face. Succeeded.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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