I dunno you guys…

Okay Smokey. So this week’s theme over at a la Broke and the Bookish is the Top Ten books you aren’t sure you want to read. If you’re the skimming type, I have put my major reason in the title – but I promise I validate my thoughts if you’re the deep reader type.

  1. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver – It just feels awkward when I hold it

Nothing puts me off like a plain hardcover that has a bitchy plastic sleeve that always falls off. In the brief few moments of picking it up and putting it onto my bookshelf it felt awkward in my hand.tangled  I’ve had it since 2013 and I can’t remember why I got it, or where I got it.  I have a terrible memory. Not only that, but I have literally never had anyone recommend it to me, or read a single review or mention of it.

  1. Adam Bede by George Eliot (Pen Name) – I’m not a romance kinda gal

For my twelfth birthday I got a set of six romance classics from my grandparents. The first one I read was Little Women. I loved it so much that I have read it once a year since then. Due to the unusually high expectations set by Louisa May Alcott; Jane Eyre, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and Wuthering Heights, all fell a little short. Finally after I struggled my way through Emma, AKA the bitchiest girl in all the land I couldn’t bear the thought of starting the last one. And now… I have never heard anyone mention it. It’s a sign.

  1. If I stay by Gayle Forman – Will make my face all cry-y

I usually attempt to read a book before it comes out in the cinemas, primarily so I can (in my head) lord it over the rest of the uneducated audience. Or so I have a reason to see the movie at all. But I read ‘The Fault in our Stars’ for this reason and the thought of crying that much again – in public, stopped me from seeing the movie. Is this book really worth my tears! I don’t know if I can go through the heartache (that I know this book will have) again.

  1. The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare – Maybe shoulda stopped by now

So far, this lady has three series out all surrounding the one world. I have read and loved: the Infernal Devices and the Mortal Instruments. But I haven’t been bothered with the Bane Chronicals, and the thought of another Shadowhunter joining the already packed space for Shadowhunters in my heart is a bit daunting. I think I’ll wait for the other reviewers (Becky) to get me re-hyped.tumblr_n95wmqWmoZ1tega6oo1_500

  1. Clockwork Orange – The movie made me feel ill

I can only imagine the effect of a book is a million times that.

  1. Percy Jackson – The entire shitting series

These books came into my life by way of a little sister. I think I may have missed the age train on the first one. By a long shot. I tried to read it and just felt everything was terrible. It may have just been the first book that was a little immature. But I really didn’t want to commit to reading the rest of the first one if I have what looks like 77 other books in the series.  What if the rest are just as bad?

  1. Lolita by Vladimir Vladimirovich – What’s with all the assonance

tumblr_inline_mtjze0L3iJ1rgo5sbHonestly no other author has sounded so much like a supervillain in the history of the world.  You might think I wouldn’t want to read Lolita because of the whole sexualising of a child stuff. But it isn’t that. I just don’t know if the plot is going to interest me enough. It seems like one big road trip, and it sounds like a gothic on top of that. They have a habit of being dull. Creepy. But dull.

  1. The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje – I don’t want to be let down

I’ve heard some pretty serious raves about this book all throughout my literary degree. I read a chapter in class once – I forget what I was meant to be learning from it. The writing was beautiful and sincere. It almost reminded me of Atonement, like a period piece but written with honey instead of ink. But what if it was just that one chapter that was good? I’ve been fooled before. I loved the first chapter of Wuthering Heights, but not a minute more.

  1. Elanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell – Is she a Powerpuff girl?tumblr_mqgeai2tOb1scu3llo1_400

If Vlad Vlad is a super villain, Rainbow Rowell is Powerpuff girl. I feel like everything she will write will be in that theme of sugar and spice and all things nice. I don’t so much mind cutesy books. But I don’t particularly enjoy them either. People say don’t judge a book by its cover – I’ve judged you on your name alone.

  1. The Vampire Academy – Its just so….

HA totally kidding, had you fooled.

Feel free to give me a reason to read, or not to read any of the books. I would really like to make the executive decision one way or another. I really dislike having books on my shelf that I haven’t read. Though most of these are not on my shelf at all. Don’t forget to link up your lists!


24 thoughts on “I dunno you guys…

  1. Cait

    I’ve got If I Stay on my list too! I’m just…so not sure. >_< I want to like it, and I did like TFIOS and I hear them compared a far bit, and I want to watch it before the movie comes out for sure. Buuut, eeep. So much hype and I'm scared!
    Here’s my TTT!


  2. Bec Graham

    I get where you’re coning from with TDA. But I am already shipping Emma and Julian so hard that I need to see how it ends up. BUT I am more excited for The Last Hours. More Will and Jem and Tessa AND HERONDALE KIDS. Too much excitement. Then there are the new Shadowhunter Academy adventures with Simon as he trains BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE WE GET MORE WILL AS WELL.

    Not gonna lie, Lolita was a mission. Nabokov is BRILLIANT and his writing is majestic but every once in a while you come crashing down when the subject matter comes back to you. I honestly thought Lolita was a nineteen year old when I read the blurb. Nope. 12. And there is a particularly messed up scene that you have to read to believe. And they made MOVIES of this book. I mean…what?

    Lastly: READ ELEANOR AND PARK! It is AMAZING. I can’t fault this book for anything. The feels are intense, though, but TOTALLY WORTH IT. Eleanor and Park is flawless. And I read it in a day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      It took me am embarrassingly long time to realise what TDA was… I remember reading your review of Lolita and thinking that it didn’t sound so awful despite the whole 12 year old thing. I’ve seen the movies and it wasn’t the most disgusting thing ever… But it was still pretty bad. It made me feel sad for a long time after watching it.

      You have convinced me in regards to Elanor and park=)


      1. Bec Graham

        Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone 😛 Pretty sure Clare could go on for YEARS with this Shadowhunter stuff. She’s brilliant but I’d love to see her try her hand at something else. I’ve heard rumours of ANOTHER trilogy. Like, you can have TOO MUCH of a good thing. Unless the trilogy is all about Will Herondale. Then I’ll be OK.
        (Speaking of, did you SEE that comic at the end of City of Heavenly Fire? OMG The. Feels.)

        Lolita is just…a mission. It’s rewarding when you’ve finished because you can say you’ve read it and lived, but I did almost put it down at one point. That Humbert Humbert is disgusting.

        Dude, Rainbow Rowell is one of the best YA writers around. And her stuff isn’t fluffy, like the covers suggest. Trust me. And once you’ve read E&P you so have to read her other YA book “Fangirl”. Seriously, that one spoke to me on so many levels (my being a raging fangirl myself hahaha)


  3. moonglint

    If I Stay is only on my radar because of the movie too and like you I have no interest in crying in front of strangers. I loved The Fault in Our Stars, but I’m waiting for the movie to be released on DVD. It’s not exactly a date night movie…unless you want to scare your date away with all the blubbering and if that isn’t enough if he ever tried to comfort me I’d probably scream, “Get away from me, I want to be alone with my feelings!” Never good.


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      Its definitely an evening in, alone, kind of movie – and book. Im thinking I should wait untill everyone in my house happens to be out for an entire weekend so I cant get all the emotional book and movie couplets out of the way in one hit.


  4. abibliophobictendencies

    I missed the age train for Percy Jackson series as well. It is actually on my list.
    I haven’t heard of too many of the others you posted besides Rainbow Rowell. I bought Eleanor and Park a few weeks back and I still haven’t opened it. I don’t know why.
    My TTT


  5. barefootmedstudent

    Eleanor & Park is definitely not cutesy IMHO… it’s pretty heavy at times. I don’t do romance but this didn’t feel like the usual trope to me at all.
    Someone actually recommended The Poisonwood Bible to me aaaages ago but I just couldn’t get into it. I doubt I’ll try it again.


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      My god, someone else has even heard of the Poisonwood Bible! this is shocking. I trust you enough – random internet stranger – that I wont enjoy it either.


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