‘Frost Bite’ by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Well. That didn’t take long. I’m almost ashamed at how fast I am managing to get through these books. How can I call myself a reader when I just fly through them. I almost feel like I have just downloaded the book into my brain and that’s how it got there. I certainly don’tFrostbite_Novel remember hours passing. I think that’s the moment when you know it’s going to be yet another five star book. I don’t know why I am even bothering with the pretence that the rest of the series will be anything but. From now on, reader, just assume that the rest of the collection will have five stars and I will just write a review (hardly what you would call a review) to back up my adoration.

I was right in my earlier assumption of Mead ability to grow as a writer. Not one book later and she is already getting better with the descriptions and character building. From what I can garner, Rose has taken on the darkness of Lissa due to her Spirit side effect. Mead doesn’t make it blindingly obvious that Rose has started suffering. But as a reader you notice her quips become few and far between for a few days. She always seems a bit angsty and struggles to get any sort of sleep despite the fact that she is a physical wreck the majority of her time. Though she is still angstvery ‘physical presence’ with depression description. It’s a smoke or a liquid, leaking through the bond, surrounding her like a dark cloud, the whole shebang – it doesn’t help that Adrian the aura reading Moroi has entered the scene. Now he really does see everything in cloudy colours.

With his cute little ‘Hey, little Dhampir’, this is where most people first meet Adrian the human (not even slightly human) swagger-bomb. I don’t know how I didn’t pick up on it before. But he is the male version of Rose. No wonder he liked her so much. He loves himself! They are witty and charming and gods of flirtation. Though I know they don’t belong together I am very interested to see how this little fling of theirs goes. I’m glad I have this prior knowledge that it all ends happily for him and Rose in the relationship department otherwise I might be in some serious shambles over Rose picking the wrong guy in this new relationship I sense – about to form.

Also I must make a confession. SPOILER! I am glad Mason died. I knew it was coming. They spoke of it in Bloodlines. I really didn’t want to have to get more attached to him than I already was. I knew that is how it would end and I wanted to be rid of the weight on my shoulders every time he appeared in a scene, with the Grim Reaper hovering by his side. It was just too much pressure! But as the books go on, I realise I will slowly run out of Bloodline-told secrets. Then I will just be reading like a normal person. Well… almost normal.tumblr_inline_n88rfsk5R81sb080b

Okay enough typey typey. Must start the next one before the sun comes up and ruins my reading streak and forces me to go to work. Eugh.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As per usual, gifs from Tumblr!


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