No Shots Today

Every Thursday I have ample opportunities to go out a drink cocktails for free. While I am no longer a bar tender I do go to their cocktail training for ‘supervision’ purposes. Supervising that the cocktails are indeed cocktails. Showing the 18 year olds the correct way to hold a martini glass. Showing everyone else that I have an alcohol tolerance like that of an 18 year old. It is much fun.

I have an informant who tells me what cocktails are going to be on which week, this is so I can tumblr_msveoyR5Uv1qe8gkso5_250avoid the cocktails I don’t like – mostly (White Russians, Cosmos, Zombies). This week was shot training, so the internet gets to enjoy my company for the evening. I am sorry. A shot isn’t a drink. No one in their right mind has ever enjoyed a shot before. Actually I enjoy watching people do shots. Particularly weird ones that maybe have some sneaky, sneaky, tobasco sauce in them, or
sneaky, sneaky, are set on fire. Mostly I enjoy the “Surprise me” shot. A creation of my own which is actually just orange juice. It’s very surprising. Very fun when they just “WOO!” and run back to the dance floor.

Right now I am in the throes of a big decision in my life. See all 6 Vampire Academy books just rocked up on my doorstep today. I had American Gods slated up to be my next read. But I’m just so excited for VA that I think it will ruin it for me because I won’t be able to concentrate or appreciate it properly. But then if I do read Vampire Academy first I won’t see the sun for a week. Or consume food. I may not even breathe for a week. I may have a heart attack, if Bloodlines is anything to judge by…Then I will get caught in a finished the series depression and I won’t want to read American Gods because it isn’t Rose Hathaway. I bet you are all impressed by my foresight.  But you wouldn’t be impressed by my willpower. It’s taking just about everything I have to finish typing all the letters into words into sentences into sense, instead of devouring said book immediately.

Yep I’m done.

See ya’ll after Vampire Academy.


5 thoughts on “No Shots Today

  1. Bec Graham

    You are going to love VA. You meet Adrian for the very, very first time. You get to meet Mason and see Eddie and go to St Vladimir’s…

    Usually I hate shots but the ones that are really sweet? Them I like. But the weirdest shot name I have ever heard was at a bar in my home town called…Baby Woo Woo Chocolate Cake. No. Joke.


      1. Bec Graham

        I know right? But it tasted goooodd.
        That organ juice shot idea is brilliant and definitely something the bartenders back home should’ve done. Man there were some drunk idiots.

        I know right? Poor Mason. He was one of the good guys. And he really loved Rose.
        Speaking of…how hot is Romitri? I mean seriously. OMG. That lust charm in the first book? Whoa…



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