I’ll make a reader of you yet

Before I discovered that the internet was a thing, I had no one to discuss my second life with. I felt like Hannah Montana (I mean I assume).  Had this big secret identity, I had been on so many adventures, but nobody knew and it was driving me crazy. Of course I tried to get my peers to read the same books just so I had someone to talk to about it. It’s Tuesday again – another Top Ten Tuesday meme, supplied by The Broke and The Bookish.

First of all. You tell me you don’t like books? What? What! How can you even know if you have
never read one? You’re doing it wrong! AGGGHHH! Usually I pick books for people based on what I know of them, or what they have read/watched previously. I picture my magical ability like that spinning plate they have in Chocolat that tells Vianne what sort of chocolate they will like. 

1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

There is a difference between getting someone into reading, and getting someone into reading tumblr_n9qe11cOdJ1sdk773o1_500The Hunger Games. I read a chapter of this to someone to assist them to sleep. Turns out, this is actually a form of hypnotist because suddenly the rest of the series had been read and it wasn’t by me. Oh the power.

  1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

leislI recommend this bad boy to anyone who asks me how to get into reading. Maybe they have a long flight coming up and they ask me: “Amy do you have any books I can read?” Sometimes I’ll say, “well of course, what do you enjoy?” Or I’ll say, “I don’t care what you have enjoyed before, I know you will enjoy this now.” Then I’ll give them a copy of the Book Thief.

3. Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden

I gave my father the first book in the series to read. He really doesn’t have the time to read. He tumblr_lqa5paJ45q1qjhsz0o1_500doesn’t even have the time to watch TV. But he read the entire series. I’m pretty sure he must have enjoyed it. But the only opinion I managed to get out of him was: “Ellie’s a bit of a slut.” Thanks Dad.


  1. Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda

You may notice I’m regressing into my
childhood. This is obviously the most prominent moment in my life where I tried to make people read. Before I moved away and joined a literature degree that allowed all the people who read ever to be in one room.  Deltora was the shit in Primary school. I can actually only think of one of my primary school friends who read these also. But hey, you only need one other person to play ‘Jasmine + Faith’ in the Forbidden Forest.

5. Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Think back to the spinning plate comment. I have a friend, let’s call her Jim – whom experiences tumblr_n9s7abc5dC1t1mqt7o1_500problems of a shopping addiction nature.  I know she can read. I know she enjoys my company enough to like things I like. Clearly she will enjoy something that incorporates all the above. Soon she outpaced my readings of this series.

Man this isn’t easy.  Those five are the only books I’ve ever recommended to people who don’t read. If those top ones didn’t work… Nothing will. If the time comes when I meet more varied people, I would probably recommend books that have also been turned into movies so that watching the thought of watching the movie after keeps them reading the book.

6. Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, for people wanting to get into classics.

7. Wild Lavender by Belinda Alexander, for people wanting to get into history. Damn this one doesn’t have a movie… Oh well.tumblr_n772agsAHn1qj7g7io10_250

8. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, for people wanting to get into biographies. 

9. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, for people wanting to start/join a book club.

10.Submarine by Joe Dunthorne, for someone who struggles with the regular coming of age books prescribed by high school curriculum’s.

Don’t forget to link up yours so I can read your selection=)


13 thoughts on “I’ll make a reader of you yet

    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      I have got so many of my friends into different genres due to the Book Theif. It’s such a crossover book, it has moments of magical realism and supernatural due to death narrating, its based off historical events, it’s coming of age, focuses on a different culture and is at the adult-y end of YA. It is literally the perfect book to start switching it up.


  1. anotherafterthought

    Picking books based on what people have watched/read is the legit way to go. At least, it’s much better than some of the bookish elitism people get when they try to push a certain novel/series on you and then claim “how can you read x but not try y”. Like, reaaaals.

    Deltora Quest was the first series (or book, I guess, I never really finished it) I ever purchased. Fond memories, that one!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


    1. Amy Wallin Post author

      Completely agree. So many of my literature professors had this ideal. Especially in regards to the classics. Deltora was the first book I pulled an all-nighter for . =)


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