‘The Fiery Heart’ by Richelle Mead

‘The Fiery Heart’ by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Can I just say, I had a bitch of a time trying to hunt this book down. I finished the Indigo Spell at midnight and experienced the most stressful 5 hours of my life not having the next book in the the fiery heartseries (as you can tell by my blog title, I am a slight insomniac). Bookstores just aren’t open in the middle of the night. So at the crack of afternoon when I got up the next day I went on a West End hunt for the Fiery Heart.  Now the only non-second hand bookstore in West End sort of shuns anything non hipster. It may be the only bookstore I’ve ever entered that showcases all the classic and literature at the front and in the windows. In the back corner, crowded and tiny, lies the ‘childrens’ section. They also store the young adult here. I think this is designed to shame as YA readers. I stretched myself into a space a child couldn’t fit through to get to the bottom shelf where a solitary Mead book lay. Of course it was a Vampire Academy book.  So I took my YA ass out of the Indy-only bookstore and made the terrifying journey across the windiest bridge in the world to get to the city where fair Dymocks lay.

tumblr_mjtmt7NM551rjatglo1_500Thankyou Dymocks for not being judgy tosspots and for complimenting my shirt as well as my book choices. Also as fate would have it, they also had Silver Shadows. I totally forgot it was out! What a great day that was for me. Now let me tell you what I thought of the Fiery Heart.

It has been a long time since I’ve held such tumblr_mjtmt7NM551rjatglo2_500a reaction from a book. Those last few chapters took me twice as long to read because I kept having to put it down and collect myself. Collect myself into the foetal position and rock on my living room floor until I felt I could face the difficulties again. If you haven’t read The Fiery Heart, I suggest you stop reading right now before I ruin everything for you.

SPOILER: Zoe is a stupid little brat and I want to punch her in the throat sit her ass down and scream all the profanities in the world at her – known and unknown until she understands what she has done. I could forgive Zoe’s naivety, and her Alchemist obsession, even her desire to get her Dads attention. But turning on your own sister for your success… Oh the betrayal. Oh the stupidity. I don’t care how much this WHORE redeems herself in any future collection – I will not forgive her that.

You may be able to tell I only put this book down five minutes ago. My fingers are just about on angerfire from the speed in which I type out my anger and frustration. I can’t even. Guys. I can’t even. I was making notes on this book throughout the series which I remember thinking, I really want to discuss this, but honestly I’m in such a state that it may take another five minutes for me to calm the fuckery down and list them for you.

I feared that I wouldn’t find a favourite quote in this book to share with you. It was nearly the end when I stumbled on this one. It didn’t make me stop my breath, it made me gasp out loud. I almost shouted to the Boyfriend who was neck deep in important work to come console me. By almost, I mean, I did.

“You have no idea how lucky you are that we’re doing this for you. The darkness has corrupted you so much that I don’t know how long it’ll take to fix. But we will. No matter how long or how difficult, we will undo whatever that Moroi boy has done to you.”

I managed a wavering smile, tasting blood in my mouth.

“You sure about that, Dad? Because he’s done everything to me.”

(p. 397, Jared and Sydney Sage)

Oh god it was such an intense moment. I have been waiting four books long to hear Sydney stand up to her Dad and she pulls this doozy. Hit him where it hurts. Just, so good.

Despite my obvious five star approval I did notice those awkward grammatical flaws that often appear when an author gets this far into the series. Editors are more willing to let things slide once they have a tried and tested author, so they aren’t as meticulous in they’re checking. P. 101 repeated a sentence that had been in the Indigo Spell: “I could probably skip the rest of the semester”, p. 291 confused ‘to’ and ‘too’. It was so ugly and in my face. Much bother. Anyway. Its past time to start the next installation.

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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3 thoughts on “‘The Fiery Heart’ by Richelle Mead

      1. Bec Graham

        Pretty sure I actually punched the air. Aw yeah Sydney.
        Thing is, I read Sydney after Rose Hathaway of VA. She is an incredible badass but Sydney is just as badass: just in a very different way 🙂



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