‘The Golden Lily’ by Richelle Mead

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was a fool to think I could read a book in between my finishing of Bloodlines and waiting for thegolden lily Golden Lily to rock up at my door. I tried. But 1984 is no book you can read with your mind on Sydney Sage. I’m only a tiny bit sad for George. Though I think you can understand, no one ever fan-girled George Orwell. No one breathlessly waited his next instalment.  Probably due to his preachy preachy, coated in morality and let to sit for fifty years novella’s. Not that I got that far in, I’ll probably end up liking it.

In stark contrast to 1984 sits the Bloodlines series. The Golden Lily follows Alchemist Sydney Sage, while she babysits a bunch of vampire and part vampires, and that one witch. While I love our protagonist, she is deeply flawed by her meticulous upbringing. I guess it’s really weird to see some themes of anorexia and religion in (what I like to call) pop-literature. Anyway, these themes became a lot clearer in the Golden Lily. As she begins to realise (either forcefully or not) that her reasoning might be a little flawed on these two accounts – which is a big leap for Sage.

Through the course of these two novels you see all her current life lessons start to unravel as she attempts to balance the rules of her bigoted father and the Alchemist organisation, as well as a burgeoning friendship with Vampires. In most books, I usually go about advising the character on how best to handle a situation. But she is pretty well boxed in. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

sydneyPerhaps the most exciting thing is a (if one sided) blossoming relationship with one of the vampires. A completely taboo endeavour. I am torn between telling her to make for the hills or telling her to burn the Alchemists to the ground and run away with this fellow. Bloodthirsty I know. Pun not intended, but appreciated all the same. In an earlier post I had the phenomenal idea to start posting my favourite quotes of the book. I mentioned in my Bloodline review that these aren’t the sort of books for those moments of truth. But there are moments that make me stop all the time. So the theme of all Bloodlines reviews is when I consider Sydney Sage to be acting particularly bad ass, or slightly out of character for that book.  I’m sorry but this won’t be a quote – more like a passage (read page) of complete bad-assery.

“You know what else isn’t appropriate? A thirty-year-old guy – because that’s how old he was, no matter how young and cool they were trying to be – grabbing a fifteen-year-old girl. It was bad enough that he did so when she clearly didn’t want to go with him. The point is he should never have touched her in the first place. She’s a minor. If a teacher did that, he’d be fired. I’ve read the book teachers are given from your HR department – Medical emergencies and breaking up a fight are the only times teachers can lay their hands on students. Now you might argue that that guy wasn’t a teacher or employed by the school, but his group was invited here by the school – which is obligated to keep it’s students safe.”

(p. 169, Sydney Sage)

Bam! Knowledge bomb! She had this little spiel  perfectly constructed for convincing the principal out of expelling her ‘cousin’, when she sortof got a little vampire-guardiany on some dick head singing group ‘educating’ students on STI’s. I know I’m going overboard with the ‘bunny ears’ but sarcasm cannot be contained right now.   Anyway – great scene.  I’ve already started the next book I the series. I’m not even sure I took a breath between closing one and opening the next. The only probably now is. I know I’ll finish the next one tonight and there won’t be any bookstores open to buy the next one! First world problems. If life-or-death is a first world problem…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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