You’re not in Wonderland Anymore

Nothing helps misery like spreading it around.

I don’t know if it a theme of the week, but every time I open my Facebook page there seems to be some new and disturbing thing there to ruin my childhood. Today, Disney suffered domestic violence. The project: ‘Happily Never After’  and ‘Princest Diaries’ by Saint Hoax plopped our Disney princesses into some fucked up situations to see how they would go in a modern world. It is meant to be a telling portrayal of domestic abuse: that no one is safe.


I understand the seriousness and importance of such a message. But sometimes I am truly happy living under my little rock of ignorance. My childhood haven is ruined and now I feel sad and vulnerable. And hungry. But that has nothing to do with anything.


So that little adventure into the depths of the evil internet led me to Jeff Hong ‘Unhappily Ever After’, who collaborated with the board of Ruin All The Childhoods (RATC for short) and also took my precious memories and poured hydraulic-bitchiness on them.


I’ve got to say I’m quite sick of people trying to be controversial. It is one of my pet hates when people are trying to shock the world by going all Brechtian, and alienating the audience. I know the world is a fucked up place. But I’m a reader for a reason. I obviously I don’t like the real world very much. And now I’m going to go hold myself and cry. Then when I’ve run out of tears I will appeal to the other bloggers for donation tears because it still won’t represent my sadness.

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