A discussion of clones


(the best ever clones from TV Show: Orphan Black)

Friends, I would like to discuss a recent pondering of mine, regarding the always controversial, human cloning. There isn’t a lot of news on cloning, but there has been a whole host of futuristic fictions coming to light over the last year on cloning/progressive science. Cloning has always been an interesting, slash embarrassing point for fiction. Usually anti. Think, Brave New World to Never Let Me Go. If you haven’t, read them, or better yet, watch the movie form. (Andrew Garfield makes it worth it. Surely I’m not the only person into that?) Point is, cloning has always been rather shunned.

Meanwhile in Iowa, USA, a company called Trans Ova Genetics have been causing a small controversy over their cloning of livestock. No wait, this is real cute. For all non-scientists out there, Trans is a prefix for a geometric isomer having a pair of identical atoms on opposites, linked by a double bond. Whatever, double. Ova, being egg. And they specialise in cloning? It’s just darling.

Anyway, back to my original point. These guys at Trans Ova Genetics are pumping out a hundred cows a year for eating purposes. They can orchestrate desirable qualities in livestock that best suit the purpose of filling our bellies. From what I can gather, cloned animals aren’t the healthiest of beings, so they can’t be used for breading.  There is an argument that cloning will become inhumane because clones will be used to sustain the rest of us. Treated like meat on the bone, rather than beings themselves.

I get the feeling, this would be harder to do if the clones are human – that nasty habit we have of talking, emoting and relating. Also, I could raise another me and make her study biology instead of drama so I could understand this shit better. Seriously enough with the rebelling, fifteen year old me. Maybe I’m just all for scientific progress, but hot damn, can you not imagine how phenomenally awesome it would be to engineer a human being!

Let’s just say for arguments sake, that human clones wouldn’t be used and abused for harvesting organs and the like. Let’s say we can make them into fully functioning members of society. Then along comes the next argument, of obvious twattery that they will be without souls or being born in a lab will dehumanise them. I know plenty of people who didn’t need to be without a soul to be inhuman. I know plenty of people who probably sold theirs, maybe not to fail their twelfth grade physics test, and seem to be nice enough people without them.

But this is what concerns us? The fear of dehumanisation, of soulless autobots? It’s fairly easy to make such claims, but hey, maybe you ought to practise what you preach.  In my extensive 22 years of life experience on this earth, I can comfortably say that I have never been valued for my soul, or my humanness. In fact, everything I have ever been admired for, what I imagine the majority of people are admired for, is their physical abilities, their intelligence, artistic ability, or beauty. I’ve never gotten a job because someone looked past my CV and said to me, “dayum check out the soul on you. Bet yo parents were human and ev’rythang.” I don’t know why my employer sound African-American right now, but you get my drift.

For all you budding scientists out there, reading my blog at three in the morn, baby steps mon cherie. We will take over this world of hippies and anti-awesome-oldies. There is no way in the next twenty years that they will make human cloning legal, like probably not even a leg on it’s own. Wait till one of those guys debating it loses a leg and his tune will change. For now. We really out to work on creating some hybrid animals, or mythical animals. Seriously, if it isn’t someone’s first instinct to create a Griffin, or a Dragon, I am so done with you people.


Thanks for commenting! I love to read your opinions (and validations hehe)

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