And so it begins




This first post has been a long while coming. I have been instructed, persuaded, lectured, and threatened to start a blog before. All writing students have. Our lecturers all insist it is for practising purposes. But what they mean is: ‘this is the only thing that will keep you writing now that you have chosen this pit of eternal despair as your career path. YOU FOOLS! <mad cackle>’. Didn’t you know all professors of writing are insane?

Back in the ye-olde days, people who were cursed with the writing disease would keep it to themselves and write it in a diary. Or, if they had talent, connections, and the right appendage, would write a book (no matter how boring the content – looking at you Dickens). Now we blog. I don’t know if it is because, at heart, we are all narcissistic, or because we have wisdom to share, or it’s the only way most of us can get published. I think it’s mostly the professor standing outside my window with a shank-pen. A writer’s weapon of choice.

So today. I potted two plants, I got a job rejection phone call, I watched a candle go crazy burny for a minute, and then I decided to start a blog. I’m sure I’ll remember this day… for the rest of the week. Having never written a blog before I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I get the feeling I will be just darling at it. For now, here is what you can expect:

  • Musings
  • Stories
  • Reviews (of all the things) with little reviewing structure
  • Tangents
  • More than a few swear words (fair warning my fellow readers.)
  • So many brackets. And Hyphens. And other punctuation that has fallen out of fashion.

I shall, however, employ this creative license that I hear so much about when it comes to grammar and punctuation. How else will you know an afterthought when you see it? For now I should probably re-enter the three dimensional world.

Maybe blow out that candle before it catches onto my shelves of literary kindling.

Maybe I’ll write some more.

What the hell. It’s only three.


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